Competitive Analysis


August 3, Thursday

Denis Andria

Competitive analysis - Promise and Ask

We promise, for all the sustainable systems and operations to function and support the development of Syrian refugees and keep the center fully self-reliant in multiple aspects. We promise for the development center to help develop this minority group that is challenged and has a devastating lack of opportunity towards a better future and to provide value in Turkey.

The system relies on the commitment of individuals. Syrians who commit to staying in Turkey, with aims and routes to finding work, providing value to the economy, and industrializing and urbanizing an underdeveloped region, will get to be part of these centers focused on getting them to undertake those aims.

The ask, would be extensive and continuous funding of our project from the international stage and regional stage that is in collaboration with the NGO we are working with. A costly price will be met with smiling faces and upbringing of a whole community, as well as projected long-term profitability.

A lack of funding due to a lack of holistic concepts (Most innovations account for a few concepts or one, i.e energy or housing only, rather than all necessities) that don’t solve all issues at hand, is negated here, with this holistic, self-reliant center. No other innovation and concept can bring rise to such a pivotal impact.