Divergent Thinking — How might we…?Z

July 28, Friday
Denis AndriaKhaled Essam Hosny AhmedFelipe

POV #1

How might we create self-reliant (in terms of resources) housing?


-Solar panel based

-Water filtration and recirculation system

-Mechanical energy harvesting (bikes)

-Garden that produces foods



How might we have mobility? Is it necessary?


-Lego-type wall structure

-Advanced and stronger tent system (displacement made easier than fixed structure).

POV #2

How might we increase job opportunities and Syrian self-dependence and not just provide relief aid to Syrian Refugees?

-MAIN: Create a center where education is offered rather than just relief resources. Increasing self-dependence in those centers (related to POV#3).

-Institute rehabilitation camps, and mental health camps so refugees can function well in society/big cities.

-Implement Turkish language and integration centers that are self-reliant

POV #3

How might we increase the education (Both general and specialized) Syrian Refugees receive through centers that are creatable (realistic but sustainable in the long term) in mass amounts?

-Specialized education for all levels - (elementary, high school, university type courses but on a smaller scale).

-Increasing self-dependence Provide centers for Syrians to harness their effort in a useful manner for resources.

a. Biking for energy

b. Labor work in the area

c. Can contribute to the aforementioned center above by creating the energy for it through mechanical work or helping to maintain it.

POV #4

How might we create an all-encompassing (in terms of the bare minimum to survive sustainably) design, and synergistically or separately increase funding, and therefore increase refugee independence?

-Account for the minimum factors- Electricity, clean and sanitary water, and food.

-Methods of producing energy in place to directly allow for refugees to produce energy independently

a. bike stations (prospective in both a center and housing).

b. Manual work

-Create a design that only serves as the fundamental base for the processes that follow, but nonetheless has systems in place that encourage integration and increased quality of life, as well as services and processes that come as part of the package.

a. A newsletter for job opportunities

b. Guides for families to move closer to industrialized areas with their house

c. Education facility powered by self-reliance

d. etc