Prototype Feedback and Alterations 2


August 2, Wednesday

Dilnaz SatubaldiyevaFelipeDenis AndriaKhaled Essam Hosny Ahmed
  • Was the feedback consistent?
  • What were the best learnings?

-Session 1:

-Great idea, important issue, couldn’t find many gaps in general:

-How will food be supplied? Externally, but supported greatly by the gardens.


Session 2:

-How many people are 350

-His hiccup here: Feels like a public sector, becomes tricky when in a zone of dispute, a private sector is coming in.. Look into the political side

-Why should Turkey care?

-Human capital perspective?

-International scene, but how?

Where is the funding coming from?

What about the political side of things

Why should Turkey care

who in the international scene could help?

Session 3:

Impact, and sustainability, is huge.

Who is paying for this —> needs more research

Don’t worry about the economic/funding aspect, this is a theoretical class,

Great job with the rendering, and

Great job converging, with housing and education

Emphasize the education journey

Find the best features

Session 4:

-Pinpoint the exact location of the camp

-Healthcare clinic as part of the center (A necessity too, doesn’t have to be too big.