Design Project 2 | Testing Session 1

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Project 2 - Testing Session 1
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Session 1
  1. Include maps that show the route (include in final presentation)
    1. Shows where the bus stops at and how long it takes to go to the destinations
    2. Overall really obvious, and would prompt tourists to use buses more
      1. Fits the vibe of El Camino
      2. Consider wet winters
  2. More tourists than buses
    1. Where will the buses stop (check the shuttle map)
    2. Drink dispenser for rehydration
    3. Bike slots are full (create spaces)
  3. Some would schedule visiting tours
    1. Expand the bikes for the students (more bikes)
    2. Build paying system for the bikes (subscriptions (monthly)) - target students + tourists
    3. Bus timing is useful
    4. Bus should stop at main stations (STOP app)
Session 2
  • Good
    • Shared bikes
    • Digital interactive screen
    • Distinctive shape of architecture
    • Ventilation (shade and wind are enough)
  • Improvement
    • Add water fountain, phone charger or little lights for night, maybe vending machine
    • Could also be a information station (Ex: Showing recommended places)
Session 3
  • Good
    • Digital display
    • Rooftops for bikes
    • Air flow
    • Noticeable sign
  • Improvement
    • Make the place bigger
    • Color the building with green and white
    • Add picnic table and several benches
    • Add scooters or gold curt parking slot