Design Project 2 | Testing Notes (Day 1)

Journal Entry For
Project 2 - Testing Session 1

Testing Notes (Day 1)

See if you can think through the Who? What? Why? When? & Where?

What is our key takeaway from todays testing interviews?

  • people like spaces built around the students and professors needs
  • Positive response to combined indoor/outdoor spaces
  • wishlist for student space:
    • coffee shop / communal center
    • personal study spaces
    • educationally related social spaces
    • things that promote socializing and exchanging of ideas that are NOT classrooms
    • Colin’s examples of forced passage ways that make you meet people
    • “alternative learning spaces”

Avarash & Filippe:

What about lecture based classrooms?

  • the polygon shape could work well for a lecture hall (often already a semi-circle design)
  • concerns about traffic in the inner circle if classes are being let out at the same time
  • security concerns about the circular egress what about fire drills?
  • what about adding an “outdoor space” inside the building? inner atrium concept with live growth walls and trees inside the building

Sam & Shitoshi:

  • Treehouse analogy that is more relaxing to learn in
  • more spaces to just think and focus rather than exposing yourself to the pressures of higher education
  • need to detail airflow more

George & Jay TA:

  • what about nodules being smaller spheres hanging off the side of the building?
  • carless campus idea? only accessible via public transit?
  • likes indoor/outdoor concept and idea of a place that feels outdoors even if indoors


  • How many people do you plan to fit in
  • How do you segregate the departments
  • What If somebody has 2 majors
  • Distance between buildings
  • People like the outdoor part
  • Add more greenery or garden.


  • Making the sketch better
  • Better presentation
  • The idea is too broad, you can be a bit more specific.
  • How is this sustainable?