Design Project 2 | Testing Notes (Day 2)

Journal Entry For
Project 2 - Testing Session 2


Thomas’s updated sketch/rendering of the tree stump inspired mountain-like building.

Testing Notes (Day 2)

Testing Round 2

Manuel’s feedback for Theo and Thomas meeting:

  • how do people move around the space
  • how are you thinking about the interior spaces
  • need to detail how you are bringing nature indoors with plant walls or even examples of trees outside

Harry & Thomas feedback:


  • Sustainable student center
  • Nature w/o sacrificing creature comforts
    • Heating, cooling, daylight, no bird shit

Thomas 1

  • Is the monolithic-ness what gives it the nature metaphor?
    • Modules are parasitic, traditional education >>:((((

Thomas 2

  • Lecture spaces in high demand?
    • Lose wellness and well being, because people are monopolizing them
    • How to manage traffic
  • Really appealing places will be louder
    • People will gravitate toward less appealing places if they want to be more chill