Design Project 2 | Testing Session 1

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Project 2 - Testing Session 1

Follow ups

Define how it’s going to be delivered and size (could be moved by a truck, and have thermal mass)

Define how the space is organized

internal area in case the storm intensifies

adjoin two of them to make a patio to gather

Decide how many modules

  1. Interface - interaction - batteries
  2. Supply (whole community, not individual lockers) - can be powered by interface
    1. Food storage
    2. Water storage
    3. first aid storage

Decide how many solar panels and batteries needed


Updates:Shipping container size 8x8.5x20 as opposed to  7^3ModularFirst AidWind

PurposeFirst AidPurify WaterThings to Consider:Safe HouseDropped Of Before

DisasterConcerns About FloodingOther Disaster Areas (Earth Quakes, Warzones)Prevent

StealingWho pays?Some Kinda Lock Features or SomethingConcerns about dropping it from a plane.Logistics concernsWind power?

  • Concern about precision of air dropping, such as if drop out of plane it would land on a dog
  • Question about first aid services in addition to water/food
  • Worried about stealing. Desire to address bad actors such as people taking more than their share or looting
  • Intelligent system needs to be more set up
  • How much would it cost / who would pay? money Questions about who or what government budget would pay for this - suggestion that it could be a subscription model 
  • Number of people it can help How many people can this hub can support?
  • How much it costs?
  • Could it have First aid functionality=
  • How would wind affect the structure? Worried about wind affecting the structure