Design Project 2 | Testing Session 2

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Project 2 - Testing Session 2
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Session 1
  1. Funding issue was mentioned, however, this is not an issue our team will look too much into because we are focusing on the station itself. However, if funding was mentioned, Stanford will fund the construction of the bus station.
  2. Loved the general colors of the bus station.
    1. Liked how it powers the digital screen and bikes on its own.
Session 2
  • Good
    • Design especially ventilation
    • Display showing
      • Waiting time for next time
      • Where buses go
      • The capacity of buses
      • Popular tourist places
  • Improvements
    • Prices for bike sharing
      • Stanford staff (Ex: students, faculty): Free
      • Tourists: Pay
    • Lights and phones for emergency
    • Bike parking, not bike sharing
    • Also make small bus stops
    • Barrier free design


From the second testing session, the feedback was generally positive about our current sketch and the elements we have placed within the bus station. The only thing that needs to be improved is adding two people inside the station to actually grasp the general scale of the bus station.