Design Project 2 | Video Pitch Script

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Class Session Notes

Video Pitch Script

Notes/Goals for presentation:

  • What do you want people to remember the next morning about your project? What would they tell their roommate they saw in class?
  • What human centered design are you proposing that affect sustainable behaviors?


  • Personal study
  • Shaded outdoor seating
  • Outdoor coffee shop with communal open seating
  • “I wish i was studying outdoors”
  • Outdoor eatery and coffee shops have been designed into our plan to with more communal open seating plans that can promote more random interactions and opportunities to meet new people. Our goal is to evolve from the traditional dining hall seating and change student’s behavior in dining environments


  • One environmental construction feature of the building will be geothermal heating and cooling to reduce energy consumption to regulate the building’s temperature and humidity.
  • “I’m going to hand things off to Theo and Thomas to talk more about the main building”


  • Intro
  • At a school as rigorous as Stanford, you are inundated with work and the need to study material. It’s a shame that most educational facility study spaces are indoors. If you’re working 50-60 hours/week; most of those are spent indoors. Students and faculty miss out on the surrounding beauty. Our design tries to capitalize on the beauty of the outdoor spaces at college campuses and create more social learning environments.
  • Environmental Construction Features include:
    • Modular nodules that can be ordered as needed as part of the design


  • Modeled after a rotted tree husk with fungus growth, metaphorically decomposing the old world to be grown into the new.
  • Nodules constructed with mushroom brick?


Interior features, sustainability

Amenities/Lifestyle Features: Coffee shops, study spaces, restaurants, sustainable education, lecture hall