Team C - First Testing Session Feedback

Journal Entry For
Project 2 - Testing Session 1

Tester 1

  • Need to make it customizable
  • The charging station can be solar
  • Need to avoid the ventilation areas
  • How would access for outsiders work?
  • Maybe consider more individualized pods for the private space

Testers 2 & 3

  • Could work better on the rooftop of a mall
  • Make sure it is able to be used in residential areas (might be hard for apartments)
  • Expand on the private spaces on the rooftop

Tester 4

  • Funding? Government can give credits or extensions of buildings if they use the green rooftop
  • Look into new developments to create incentives for them to install instead of trying to retrofit onto current buildings
  • Find a way to make it more compelling and economically viable
  • Consider physical location and value in relation to things like dedicated rooftops to solar power
    • Try to incorporate solar
    • Make sure it generates fully positive energy rather than any negative, harmful molecules
  • Consider height limits for buildings

Testers 5 & 6

  • how can you regulate the temperature? we can introduce a four-season perspective
  • what about the feasibility? how large would the rooftop need to be? (minimum standard)
  • Have a place where people could walk on sand, like an oasis, in the city center.

Testers 6 & 7

  • where does the water go for the plants? Like special channels to not create water from the rooftops? We can have a pipeline
  • Access? Can anyone go? Dedicated to the employees?
  • the trees block other people and you trick yourself into feeling like you have personal space
  • Is it going to be too heavy for the building? Will it not create extra weight on the building itself?
  • if you have a 15-minute break, you just want a green place not necessarily too many (have a balance)
  • dog - friendly
  • maybe cocoon