Team C - Minimum Viable Product Definitions

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Project 2 - MVP Definition

A minimum viable space that we could create would be something that utilizes spaces near people’s daily work or high-stress areas and adapts them to be more geared towards nature and relaxation, especially for adults and older people.

The minimum things we would need in this space that could be retrofitted on nearby buildings would be the following:

  • Trees, plants, etc (lots of nature vibes)
  • Phone Charging Stations (to get people to place their phones down)
  • Minimalistic Play Area or Exercise Area (for fitness)
  • Private Room (peace, sound proof)

TM: Our MVP brief and description would be as follows:

Our urban space, which we could dub the "Urban Oasis," would be a hybrid environment combining the serenity of nature with modern technology and convenience, serving our communities as a respite from the high-stresses of urban life. The Oasis could be located near people's daily work areas or other high-stress locations, featuring a range of plants, trees, and other greenery to foster a calming, natural environment within the city. It would provide a soothing backdrop to help city users unwind and reconnect with nature and enjoy their recreational time how they choose. To encourage people to disconnect from stress but not from their devices, we would integrate wireless phone and device charging stations powered by solar panels. Visitors could also plug in their phones and leave them to charge, freeing themselves from their devices for a time to fully enjoy the oasis without digital distractions. Recognizing the need for physical activity, we could incorporate a minimalistic, recycled/reclaimed play or exercise area. This space would provide simple, low-maintenance fitness equipment or structures promoting light physical activities suitable for adults and older people. For those seeking tranquility, we could offer a private, soundproof booth where they can escape the city noise. This peaceful retreat would be an ideal spot for meditation, quiet reflection, or simply enjoying a moment of silence. In essence, the "Urban Oasis" would embody the concept of an urban retreat, providing the perfect blend of nature, physical activity, and solitude in an otherwise bustling city.