Team C - POV Statements

Journal Entry For
Project 2 - POV Statements
  1. Harry needs a space that allows him to have fun without being judged because as an adult, he feels like there truly aren’t things like playgrounds that cater to older audiences.
  2. Regina needs a natural environment where she can embrace the greenery around her, free of charge, because she believes that recreational spaces have become too commercial and money centered.
  3. Gedeon needs a reserved, quiet space because he wants to truly unwind alone by completely removing himself from her surroundings.
  4. Anthony needs a space where he can be away from his phone because he wants to spend some time feeling the presence of nature and the world in his life rather than just scrolling online.
  5. Rosalina:
    • Seeks peaceful and serene recreational spaces.
    • Values social interaction opportunities with others.
    • Looks for clean facilities and amenities like charging stations.
    • Prefers spaces with greenery and a connection to nature.
  6. James:
    • Prioritizes accessible and well-equipped health spaces.
    • Values a supportive community atmosphere for fitness.
    • Acknowledges the potential of technology while preserving human empathy.