Character Profiles (Brief) + POV Statements

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Project 3 - POV StatementsProject 3 - Composite Characters

Character Composite Profile 1: Animated Ava

Background: Animated Ava is a 32-year-old digital media professional who thrives on innovation and sustainability. She's a blend of Aisling the writer and Harry the artist. Living in a world that’s digitally-driven, Ava finds solace in moments of serenity amidst nature. While she spends a large portion of her day in front of screens, she treasures her evenings gardening or sketching. Personal Preferences & Needs: Ava requires a harmonious blend of tech-integrated spaces for her digital work, combined with serene corners that inspire her artistic pursuits. Being eco-conscious, she leans toward sustainable living and is highly attracted to green solutions in housing. POV Statement: "As a digital media professional and artist, Ava needs a living space that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge tech while offering pockets of nature-infused serenity. Every corner of her home should either fuel creativity or offer a peaceful retreat. Additionally, in a world grappling with environmental challenges brought on by climate change, her home must reflect her commitment to sustainability but also offer endurance and hope."

Character Composite Profile 2: Living Green Leo & Grace Background: Leo, a 35-year-old fitness trainer, and Grace, a 33-year-old chef, form a dynamic duo. They encapsulate traits of Harry & Laura and Hayley & Pip. Leo loves to motivate his online clients from a space that exudes energy, while Grace needs a kitchen area that's both functional and inspirational. They have a 3-year-old son, Ted. Personal Preferences & Needs: Leo needs an area spacious enough for workouts, complete with virtual integration for training sessions. Grace, on the other hand, dreams of a modular kitchen where she can bake and experiment. With a toddler around, child-safety and play areas become essential. They both emphasize eco-friendliness and are keen on homes that can adapt to their evolving family needs. POV Statement: "As a young family with diverse professional needs, their home should cater to their dynamic lifestyles - from energetic workout sessions to culinary explorations. Yet, amidst this, their son's safety and growth remain paramount and the focus of their home search. In a rapidly changing world, they seek a home that not only aligns with their needs and values but can also adapt to their family’s evolving journey too."