Competitive Analysis

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Project 3 - Competitive Analysis


Competitive Analysis - Our Promise and Ask

We promise Black Fox Real Estate residents will have access to comfortable modern living that provides them and their partners with the serenity, safety, and sustainable lifestyle they aim for in 2050. Further, we ensure that all residents will be residents do not have to worry about food scarcity, as our in-door gardens will alleviate the burden of sourcing good-quality food. Since our building is built underground to accommodate the rising building costs upwards. This will allow us to tap into geothermal energy, a renewable energy resource that can be found at specific depths underground.

Moreover, our residents will have their living space fitted with state-of-the-art technology to provide the comfort they seek, and we guarantee. Everything from smart kitchen appliances to smart mirrors and intelligent toilets will be provided. Living spaces and furniture will easily adapt to the user's needs. It would cater to different occasions, from providing a serene living space for two to accommodate parties of 10 people or more.

Such features will allow for a sustainable lifestyle.


Our ask would be the support of the local state government of highly crowded cities like Tokyo or New York, the federal government of the nations of such cities, and the community to incentivize universities and vocational education providers to provide upcoming generations with the necessary educational means to help bring our real-estate vision to reality. Moreover, in the early stages of development, we will require constant funding for our research and development (R&D) facilities. We anticipate that local and federal governments will provide such funding. Using the knowledge of future academics and graduates together with the expected funding to be received, we believe that we could provide state-of-the-art sustainable living spaces for all.