Project 3 | MVP Definition & Feature List

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Project 3 - MVP Definition

MVP Statement

Efficient and resilient micro homes for agricultural cooperative in Half Moon Bay in 2050.

Selected feature list

Summer camp for autistic children to learn farming skills

People can DIY the assembly of their own homes

Autistic people can do routine jobs like cutting fruits and vegetables and preparing food

Standardized designs with only one or two interior variations

Use recycled materials into construction materials

Automatic laundry folding robot puts clothes into cabinets in each house to save time and space

Non-farmers can pay more for rent and get discounted organic produce

Desks that pull out from the walls

Use roof to create extra space for sleeping space

Desks that pull out from walls and store completely

Jobs maintaining robots and buildings

Teachers for kids that live there, a classroom

Class sessions to be held for farmers to earn money and for non-farmers to learn

Use small spaces for storage such as 1) underneath beds and 2) above living spaces in cabinets

Furniture that can morph into something else

Micro markets open to the public

Shared equipment and resources with true-up via blockchain

Water catchment and purification

Organic materials on the farm

Monitor soils using advanced sensors

Monitor systems using AI including water irrigation and soil

Use vegetation and Trees to create shaded areas

Use bricks made of Tetra Pak recycled packages

Solar panels