Share Your Point of View

Share Your Point of View

Step 1: Each Designer — Write down your LEADING CANDIDATE for the POV statement that will guide and inspire your design work. Step 2: As a Group — Discuss ways to make these statements even more powerful / helpful for guiding design work.

Table 1

  • POV 1: The “would but don’t” people need an effortless way to get rid of the clothes they don’t want anymore because they would like to undertake some action to be more sustainable and are aware of the potential other usage of their clothes but fail to do so because selling old clothes or bringing them to charity always requires time/effort.
  • POV 2: The “win-win” people would be willing to participate in the sustainable behaviour of giving away their used frying oil to produce biofuel in a sustainable fashion giving the right incentives
  • POV 3: The users are looking to purchase a sustainable sanitary pad only if it checks off all the basic requirements of a regular sanitary pad while still being in a similar price range. Additionally, varieties for specific skin types would also be a key ask in the later phases.
  • POV 4:
  • POV 5:

Table 2

  • POV 1: Bill needs to reduce plastic waste in a convenient and affordable manner because he values sustainability but does not want any extra expense.
  • POV 2: Tony prefers to have an automated system that can recognize when they are using utilities (like water consumption) instead of them manually adding them into the app.
  • POV 3: Candie needs a way to eat varied and nutritious meals (especially lunches and dinners) because she loves self improvement and hates monotony; but also a way that’s easy and quick, because she’s an avid traveler/hiker and doesn't have much time or knowhow for cooking. And at a reasonable price.
  • POV 4: Busy Bea needs affordable/time manageable healthy meals because they are busy with work/school and want filling food to keep energized for their busy lifestyle.
  • POV 5: All the leading candidates need to analyse the altering factors for a sustainable approach towards infrastructure which is the potential use of resources, capital and human work force. This applies for transportation and logistics and the infrastructure which is being constructed on a daily basis.

Table 3

  • POV 1: The average teenagers needs to reduce plastic waste in a stylish and convenient way because they are aware of their overuse of non reusable supplies but unwilling to spend lots of money or go out of their way for it.
  • POV 2: A working mom needs a reliable and sustainable source of transportation that is both close to her work and home so she can save time going between the two places because she spends time going to the city and would like to use a sustainable source of transportation which is safe.
  • POV 3: Anxious human needs to be certain that it can road trip an EV because otherwise it may not be able to sleep the compulsory 9 hours since it’s stranded in a highway.
  • POV 4: A privileged person needs more efficient cars because they likely will continue to use cars, and gas prices will get higher as non-renewable resources become more scarce but the people would like to continue using cars.
  • POV 5:

Table 4

  • POV 1: Sarah needs to fit a workout routine into her packed school work because she wants to workout but struggle finding a time to balance her school work with physical health
  • POV 2:
  • Headline: Affluent Food Lover in Time Crunch Seeking Food/Waste Management Partner

    Body: Serious food lover willing to spend whatever it takes to improve (reduce) food waste and continue enjoying the best food/recipes while spending the least amount of time thinking about it! Do you love managing grocery lists, organizing refrigerators, and getting the most out of left overs? If you answered yes to any of these questions please message me!

  • POV 3: Layla needs to have a product that composts her organic waste without any hassle because she has 2 kids and does not have the time or energy to compost organic waste herself.
  • POV 4: Scrooge needs to live sustainably because it is currently the most economical and frugal thing to do.
  • POV 5:

Table 5

  • POV 1: Traditional Tracy needs to find a sustainable product with the same fundamental attributes and quality as the branded ones she currently uses because she relies on the branded corporation products’ reputation as well as her own personal history with those products too much to switch.
  • POV 2: David needs an informative analysis of the materials used to produce a certain piece of clothing (e.g. fabrics, metal zippers, wire frames). As someone that prioritises quality over quantity, he purchases clothing every 3-4 months and aims to buy pieces that are comfortable, durable and outlive trends, but lacks the knowledge to make informed decisions based on the fabric and methods of manufacturing that a piece of clothing has undergone.
  • POV 3: John the Local needs to have a place to store trash while at the beach because sometimes there is no available option to do so
  • POV 4: Kenny is an athlete who changes his shoes a lot because he constantly worn out them. He was looking for a shoe that is both comfortable, affordable, good-looking, and yet environmentally friendly.
  • POV 5:

Table 6

  • POV 1: Stu needs some readily accessible transportation to get to school because that is where he spends most of his day and he just needs a way that gets him to school faster without being dependent on others.
  • POV 2: Jerry needs an efficient and reliable product or service that can transport him to school because Jerry needs to get from one place to another without having to walk.
  • POV 3: A Human needs to eat and consume fish in many places, and generally rely on the cleanliness of the ocean and the safety of ecosystems, however the ocean is rarely cleaned there are 75 to 199 million tons of plastic waste in our oceans currently.
  • POV 4: Fitness Frank (Member of a fitness spa) needs an efficient system that is cheaper because 68% of MacFit members prefer a sustainable lifestyle, all gym members would prefer a cheaper subscription
  • POV 5:

Table 7

  • POV 1: Fiona needs to have a sustainable yet affordable method of clothes shopping because her body is constantly changing due to her pregnancy.
  • POV 2: Lucy needs to have a green place (perhaps like a ‘green cocoon’) in the concrete city that is both private and connected to the nature because she has a bit of social phobia
  • POV 3: Ella is looking for products that guarantee sustainability in packaging and cosmetics because she has a great interest and knowledge in ingredients and sustainability. Additionally, since these are cosmetics used by her children, she wants to ensure they are using better and safer products.
  • POV 4: Audrey needs to have sufficient light because her room isn’t bright enough, but would like to make these changes through eco-friendly solutions.
  • POV 5:

Table 8

  • POV 1: Hyein needs people in her compound to be more aware of separating their trash, because she doesn’t like how most people take trash separators in her compound for granted and simply put all the trash into one bag when they bring it to the waste station.
  • POV 2: Reilly needs sustainable household items that help reduce her water waste without her having to change her lifestyle much.
  • POV 3: maria needs to find sustainable or recyclable packaging solutions as she shops online and has multiple packages delivered in a day and notices a lot of waste in the packaging material required to deliver the product.
  • POV 4: Dan needs to save the most amount of time when buying clothes because he’s really busy.

Table 9

  • POV 1: someone who walks on the surface. They try to follow trends but do not necessarily make true sustainable choices. sustainable ideas have to revolve more around the root cause instead of just trying to solve the consequence. We should dig more into the field to find as many challenges in that chosen field as possible. Then, the solution will be more efficient and adoptable to other circumstances.
  • POV 2: The members of a football club need to control their nutritions because they must be fitted to be able to play football well.
  • POV 3: Ethan needs to chewing gums because of the mental benefits he can have from it (i.e. relaxing and relieving stress, and having better concentration)
  • POV 4: Peter needs an interconnected rural transportation network that caters to his busy lifestyle. He is sustainability-driven in terms of his lifestyle choices. Providing him with efficient and eco-friendly transportation options for his personal errands and trips are key.

Table 10

  • POV 1: Colin primarily wants to save money 💰 but is willing to evaluate the economic merits of sustainability projects (i.e. improve insulation & install solar 🛰️). Colin finds most environmentally-oriented sales pitches uncompelling because he finds the benefits challenging to quantify 🧮 (i.e. reduce personal impact of emissions). Since Colin is eco-curious and primarily economically minded, we’ll come up with a solution that will help him make an informed decision. -Sean Yépez
  • POV 3: John needs a fun, light, and quick gardening experience to kill extra time and relieve stress from his studies.
  • POV 4: Ryan needs a fast, cheap, and convenient gardening system because he doesn’t have a lot of time to grow food but still wants to eat fresh healthy home-grown vegetables.
  • POV 5: