Poster 2: Features Detailed Diagrams

Poster 2: Features Detailed Diagrams

Aug 11, 2023 6:04 PM
Due Date
August 12, 2023
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Community Features @Shambhavi

Designated floor sections of the building will be dedicated to the following:

1. Study (standard and vocational) spaces and e-library


Micro-Design Thinking:

2. Hybrid & Multi-Purpose Work Spaces


Micro-Design Thinking:

3. Places of worship & community centers


Micro-Design Thinking:

4. Clinics and General Medical Care


Micro-Design Thinking:

5. VR/AR wellness centers


Micro-Design Thinking:

“The Building caters to all of its tenants’ lifestyle-needs. Work, entertainment, education, health, and community are all integrated under the one roof”

Specifications @Ilyaan

  • Vertical farms on sides of building (aesthetic appeal and temperature regulation around the building)
  • Community centres every 2 floors
  • Medical room on third floor - centre of the building so most accessible
  • Cooking space adjacent to work space, on 3rd and 4th floors
  • Wellness centre on 4th floor, with balcony/outdoor section: so that people have a view while working out and can also step outside for some fresh air (if the air is fresh in 2050)
  • Kids area on top floor, near rooftop farming to promote a culture of self sustained living from a young age


Biomimicry Design


Biomimicry based Micro-Living

  • Inspiration: Pax Lily + Spiral Flowers
  • —> Efficient water and material mixing

  • Inspiration: Diatoms + Aquaprins
  • —> Non-toxic filtration

  • Inspiration: Stenocard Beetle
    1. —> Water harvesting from fog and air

    2. Infinite Cooling
  • Bacillus Bacteria
    1. —> Self-repairing concrete

    2. Basilik
  • Termite Mounds
    1. —> Ventilation, cooling

    2. Mick Pearce Architecture

Turning Air into Water

Humid air and water vapour is sifted through a machine, and turned to consumable water for each tenant.

Recycling Water

Recycling and reusing seawater, grey water, and sewage water, in a zero-waste system.

The future of Urban Foods

  • Nutrient Rationing System
  • Nutrient Pills, Shakes, & Augmented Reality

Smart Home Automation

  • The light switch of the future will really just be a touch panel and lights will be via voice command.


Detailed drawings:

OLED 32K “Smart Glass” Sliding Doors can double as entertainment screens, mirrors, transparent glass for natural light, or project any other art or landscape images.”


Bathroom detail drawing and caption/description:


Smart Touch Panel:

Copy for poster label/description:

Control panels in the future will run macro programs for the dweller’s needs and activities. This is the light switch of the future (lighting will be via voice commands).”


The 3D Model @Harry Hong Cheng Huang

[The below animation will NOT be included on an actual poster]

For display on Harry or Theo’s computer during the exhibition:

Version 1

Version 2