Design Project 3 | Divergent thinking - How might we…?

Journal Entry For
Project 3 - HMW & Ideating

Selected POV Statement:

The Health-Conscious Couple needs to integrate holistic well-being into their living space because they understand that a wellness-focused environment not only nurtures their physical and mental health but also provides a foundation for their child's growth.

How might we…?

Draft #1

How might we create a wellness-focused environment that not only nurtures their physical and mental health but also provides a foundation to raise an infant?

Harmony Heights?? "Rising Together, Thriving Tomorrow"

Nurturing Heights?? "Elevating Parenthood, Enriching Futures"

A modular living space designed to address the challenges of raising children in dense urban environments. Wellness-Centric Parenthood Pod integrates health-conscious living, smart technology, and community engagement to create a holistic environment that supports young couples on their journey into parenthood.

Possible Features:

Zooming-in ( Priority ):

  1. Compact Health Hub: The central theme of the pod revolves around holistic well-being. A compact, state-of-the-art kitchen supports meal preparation with a focus on nutrition and balanced eating for both parents and children. Adaptable exercise equipment is seamlessly integrated into the design, encouraging daily physical activity.

  1. Virtual Wellness Support: Utilize AR/VR technology to offer guided prenatal and postnatal exercises, meditation sessions, and parenting classes. This virtual support system enhances physical and mental well-being while maintaining a sense of community.

  1. Modular Flexibility: The pod features adaptable furniture systems that transform the living space according to different needs. For instance, a fold-out crib can seamlessly convert into a workstation or exercise area, ensuring efficient space utilization.


  1. Community Engagement: Collaborate with local wellness centers, baby-friendly cafes, and health practitioners to extend the wellness experience beyond the pod. Arrange weekly wellness events and workshops for parents, creating opportunities for connection and mutual support.
  2. Shared Parenting Space: Within the larger building or community, designate shared spaces where parents can interact, share experiences, and exchange parenting tips. These spaces further contribute to building a supportive community.

Sleeping (Purple)
  • Sleeping area that allows for modular furniture arrangement.
  • Couple
    • King-Sized Bed
    • Smart-Temperate Peeting Mattress
    • Adjustable Bed (provides a position where you can seat up right to watch movie,tv)
  • Infant
    • a fold-out crib that can be easily compressed. Install wall-mounted shelves/closet that can be adjusted in height to accommodate changing storage needs.

Bathing: (Blue)
  • Utilize a sliding partition to separate the bathing area from the rest of the bathroom. This partition can also double as a changing station when needed. Implement a fold-down baby bathtub that can be stored against the wall when not in use. Consider installing wall-mounted hooks and holders for towels and baby essentials.
Cooking / Eating: (Orange)
  • Incorporate a kitchen on wheels that can be rolled away when more space is required. The pull-out dining table should have a design that easily extends and contracts. Use stackable chairs that can be stored in a corner when not in use. Employ wall-mounted shelves with adjustable brackets to accommodate kitchen supplies of various sizes.
  • Induction Stove
    • Heat Preservation/Storage on Mounted Walls
  • Centralised Rubbish Chutes below sinks, that converts waste to compsts, and even share data
  • Robots that clean the floor of the kitchen using nano - technology
  • Automated ventilation systems for strong cooking smells

Working (Red)
  • Utilize modular wall panels that can be reconfigured to create a private workspace corner. Install a fold-out desk that can be folded up when not in use. Utilize a modular storage system that can hold work-related items and can be adjusted as needed.
  • Educational room: room where you can project the hologram for educating programs
    • i.e. VR/AR
  • Automated light activation for working

Relaxing / Entertaining: (Green)
  • Open inner spaces with robot that insert for you relaxing music
  • Smart T.V ( netflix / chill )
    • Place for pro-creation
  • Folding balcony, stove is portable and can be brought out for relaxing cookout

Exterior Space: (Grey)
  • Balcony
    • Folding out?
    • Open green garden with children games
    • Smart Vertical Farm Greenery
      • Natural Elements

Baby Room: (Pink)
  • Smart Crib
    • Sensor
    • Coughing
    • Pooping
    • Possible illness/condition related patterns
      • Not public info, + optional disclosure
  • Playtoys
    • Baby gym
  • automated baby music for sleeping and creative activities