[pawan]Interview #1

Who Did You Interview?

  • Married Couple

Demographics That Might Provide Helpful Context for Their Responses

  • currently living in school accommodation.
  • They prioritize mental preparedness, financial stability, and physical health when thinking about parenthood.
  • They are concerned about the influence of their living environment on their decision to have children, particularly in terms of space.
  • They seek financial support, health resources, and early detection methods to prepare for parenthood.
  • They envision a 2-bedroom house with a shared sleeping arrangement with the infant and a separate room for the child.

Key Findings from the Interview

Living Arrangements and Parenting Environment

The interviewees are currently residing in school accommodation due to its affordability, but they do not feel a sense of home in this setting. They view it primarily as a place to sleep, which could influence their decision to have children based on their space limitations.

Parenthood Considerations

The interviewees consider mental preparedness, financial stability for housing and child-rearing, and physical health to be essential factors when thinking about parenthood. They emphasize the importance of financial education and early detection of potential health issues in children.

Influence of Living Environment on Parenthood Decision

The interviewees acknowledge that their current living environment, particularly the lack of space, might deter them from having children. They prioritize having enough space in their living arrangement as a prerequisite for starting a family.

Support and Resources for Parenthood Preparation

Financial support in the form of subsidies, packages, and education is crucial for the interviewees as they prepare for parenthood. They also mention the importance of health resources, including DNA testing for early detection of potential health issues in children.

Vision of Home with a Child

The interviewees envision a 2-bedroom house for their first child. They plan to have shared sleeping arrangements with the infant, and they also emphasize the importance of having a separate room for the child to provide privacy and a fun space.


The interviewees see themselves living alongside other couples with children to create a supportive community where parents can share tips and children can play together. They value the idea of sharing experiences and raising children together.

Work-Life Balance and Flexible Work Arrangements

Balancing work, personal life, and potential parenthood is seen as challenging by the interviewees. They express that the reality of parenthood can be different from their current expectations, and they recognize that a child's needs would take priority.

They foresee a mixed approach to work-from-home and office work. The wife is more inclined towards working from home, while the husband prefers going to the office. They both value having private spaces for work and natural surroundings, possibly using their balcony.

Living Space Transition

The interviewees value living in a space that allows a clear separation between work and personal life. They stress the importance of having a private space for work, distinct from their personal living areas.

Overall, the interviewees' responses highlight their concerns about their current living environment, their aspirations for parenthood, the importance of financial and health support, and their desire for a balanced work-life arrangement.

Uncleaned version

Draft Questions for young couple looking into parenthood:

  • What are your current living arrangements and how do you feel about them?
    • School accommodation
    • Finance is affordable compared to outside home
    • but doesn’t feel like home, just a room
    • no home feeling
    • just a place to sleep
  • What factors do you consider important when thinking about parenthood?
    • mentally prepared,
    • financial (housing, raising child)
    • physical health
  • How do you think your living environment might influence your decision to have children?
    • If no space → def won’t want to have a child
  • What kind of support or resources do you feel would be helpful in preparing for parenthood?
    • Financial Support for the couple
      • Subsidy, packages, what to expect,
      • Finance Education
    • Dna test ← for any possibility of child getting sick
      • Early detection?
      • Health Clinic
  • How do envision your house looking like with your 1st child?
    • Mom sleep together with infant
    • my child has his/her own room?
      • privacy/fun space
    • 2-bedroom house


  • How do you see yourself living together with other couple with their child?
    • Create a community where parents can share tips together
    • and children can play together
  • How do you see yourself living together with your spouse/partner raising a child?
    • different job responsbility
    • mum → focus on daily raising, child-care, feels is main-job on child, but not housewife,
    • dad → early on, dad is finance head of sorts

Work-Life Balance:

  • How do you envision balancing work, personal life, and potential future parenthood?
    • hard to tell now
    • friends who already have child
    • what they imagined is not the reality
    • fully responsible on a living body
    • if I can’t balance → child is always the priority
  • What kind of work-from-home or flexible work arrangements do you foresee in the future with yourself/partner?
    • Wife → work from home
    • Dad → also okay, but prefers to go office
    • Wants own private space
      • using balcony possibly as private space, cuz want some natural
  • Would you value living in a space that supports a seamless transition between work and personal life? Why/Why not?
    • need private space separate and personal life