Using “How Might We?” Questions to Identify Alternative Strategies

Using “How Might We?” Questions to Identify Alternative Strategies

Create How Might We questions that are broad enough to seed your thinking about a wide range of solutions, but narrow enough to prompt your collaborators to think of specific unique ideas that answer the questions based your most promising POV statements.
We'll use these to begin ideating with other designers to help generate potential solutions to consider.

How Might We Questions - Tips


  • POV 1:
    • How might we…
      • Strategy 1
      • Strategy 2
      • Strategy 3

Table 3

  • POV 1: Ilyaan
    • How might we make people switch to solar power cars
      • Modern Design
      • Efficiency/reliability
      • Money saving
  • POV 2: Manuel
    • How might we people confident they are able to charge EV’s
      • Easy Access to locations: readily available
      • Cheap Charging
      • Fast Charging
      • Enough spots in a station
      • Solar Panels at stations
      • Stops on highways
      • Universal infrastructure - Compatible
      • Within infotainment system intelligent charging station recommendations
  • POV 3: Delara
    • How might we encourage people to use more public transportation
      • Inform people with motives
      • Connectivity and frequency
      • Keeping clean and comfortable
      • Subsets of transportations to get to larger stations
      • Membership plan all included in an area
      • Integrate larger hubs(ie airplane tickets) to include public transport systems
      • Point system for cash or more
  • POV 4: Trishla
    • How might we sustain packaging solutions at a company wide way
      • Order eco friendly packaging
      • Reusable boxes that recycles throughout the network
      • Make a system so brands share same packages, shared warehouses
  • POV 5: Mason
    • How might we encourage people to buy reusable items to replace free non-reusable items
      • Cheaper
      • Easy to carry around
      • Easy wearable
      • Target demographics who are sustainable
      • Market towards top
      • Make it intriguing, customize designs
      • People are proud to own
      • Made up of recyclable plastics are

Table 5

  • POV 1:
    • How might we convince people that sustainable products aren’t inferior?
      • Strategy 1: Awareness
        • Longevity - more cost effective
        • (Ties into strategy 2) Product that compares to less sustainable options
      • Strategy 2: Shift responsibility to businesses/corporations
        • Keep the original brand but make that brand use more sustainable practices
        • Convince company that there is a demand for sustainable products (surveys/protests)
      • Strategy 3: Pricing
        • Cost-based strategies
          • Finding a cheaper way to provide the same service
  • POV 2:
    • How might we make more people more conscious about their clothing purchase decisions (i.e. fast fashion, brands that have unethical labor practices)?
      • Strategy 1: Website/Forum/Pop-Up
        • Awareness:
          • Shein - child labor, unethical practices
          • Having awareness positioned/included in their purchasing journey
      • Strategy 2: Chrome Extension
        • Like Honey, having a pop-up with alternatives to the current clothing piece that they want
      • Strategy 3:
        • Awareness:
          • Getting people to do more sustainable practices - i.e. moving your clothes to the right side of the closet when you’ve used it, seeing which clothes you use the least and can use/donate
  • POV 3:
    • How might we prevent people from leaving trash in the beach?
      • Infrastructure
        • Amount of trash cans + visible - Study done by Disney
        • Bags given while entering the beach
      • Awareness
        • Building awareness specifically to tourists
      • Law
        • Protected areas
        • Plates and cups that aren't disposable for all establishments near the beach

Table 8

  • POV 1: Hyein needs people in her compound to be more aware of separating their trash, because she doesn’t like how most people take trash separators in her compound for granted and simply put all the trash into one bag when they bring it to the waste station.
    • How might we make people more aware of separating their trash?
      • Show them the consequences of not sorting out trash (damage to nature)
      • Tallying system to check who has separated their trash correctly
      • Eco-community hub (cafe): Bring your own mug you get your discount

Table 9

  • POV 1:
    • How might we encourage people to buy sustainable gums
      • Marketing strategy
      • Freshness and savor of the product
      • Effective scientific research behind the product
      • Sustainability benefits
      • Concentration benefits
      • Easy to take
      • high quality of the product for multiple benefits
      • Innovativeness of the product