Design Project 2 | Alexandria Presentation

Design Project 2 | Alexandria Presentation

Due Date
August 4, 2023
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Sustainability and Competitive analysis:📄Video ScriptCompetitive Analysis

Our Problem

@Abla Mohamed Sultan Abdulla Alshamsi

User problems with Shopping & Dining

Car traffic

Overcrowded (heat)

Carrying bags throughout mall visit

Lack of recreation

Malls are run down

Having to travel to different places for different needs

Quote 1

“I’ve found that local malls tend to be a bit run down, and are slowly dying. After all, we have online shopping now, which is far more convenient.”

Quote 2

“In the US, malls are real dim and boring. You can tell they’ve been around for a while.”

Quote 3

“I do all my shopping online, even groceries! I think malls are redundant at this point.”

Sustainability Problems

Energy intensive

Mass waste producing

Inefficient heating/cooling


Our Proposal & Design Thinking


“Created a multi-purpose destination for the local community”
  1. Sustainable Behaviours
  2. Sustainable Features & Systems
  3. Sustainable World

User Features - Design Thinking

  • Car traffic & Crowdedness
  • Open air with many access points
  • No car zone
  • Close to train and bus stations
  • Smart A/C system that adapt based on number of users and past data
  • Carrying bags
    • Direct delivery to home or exit points, after pur

Sustainable Solution

Addressing the redundancy of shopping malls in an age of e-commerce, we wish to create a destination close to people’s home so that travel times are reduced, and most of people’s needs and wants can be addressed in one location.”

Sustainability Features & Systems


Power Usage

  • Smart A/C

Application, Integration & Community Building


Display of digital model video

  1. Sustainable Behaviours
  2. Sustainable Features & Systems
  3. Sustainable World

Farmer’s markets where farmers sell produce directly

Directly sourced products everywhere

Supporting local business

Rehash sustainable behaviours, features and systems

Championing Co-operatives
“Prioritising the economic and social interests of the community”