Design Project 2 | Initial Feedback on Prototype 1

Design Project 2 | Initial Feedback on Prototype 1

Due Date
July 31, 2023
Journal Entry For
Project 2 - Testing Session 1
IlyaanAlexAnnaAbla Mohamed Sultan Abdulla Alshamsi
In progress


  • How will goods be delivered to merchants in a car free are?
  • This open concept shopping and dining already exists - how are we making it different?
    • “This exists already”
      • UTC in San Diego
    • “Add more features to make it different”
  • Why isn’t it a singular tall building?
  • What about cold places?
  • What would make you go again?
  • Mix of pedestrians and vehicle traffic?

Positives Responses

  • “Shopping pickup at exit is a good idea”
  • “Loved the islands concepts”
  • “Ease of access”


  • Add a pool
  • People get bored of compact spaces
  • More research on SoCal shopping centres
  • More social place.
  • Simplify/prioritise public transport access
  • Game zone
  • Try to attract kids (ferris wheel, rides, kid centric stuff)
  • Add a day care
  • USOs: energy efficient, adaptive A/C
  • Which facilities to have ; consider size
  • It would be good to spread out, rather than multiple floors
  • Floor separation based on purpose

Things to ponder:

  • Shall we change to only feature based (implementing certain features in existing spaces) as opposed to creating a new space?
  • How do we make it different from existing centres? We must define a few top key features, which are the most impactful, and define them clearly in our pitch.
  • Repurpose abandoned malls? We take them apart and build new structures using the materials

Areas of focus

  1. Reuse/repurposing
  2. Heating/cooling
  3. Reducing consumption & passive design
  4. Feasibility of materials, sourcing them, needs etc