Design Project 1 | Prototype Work In Progress

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Project 1 - Prototyping Plan

Why am I creating a prototype? I believe we can change the world with small steps at several times rather than wait for the one big thing to happen or one big revolution to take place. being from the jewelry industry , i have seen very closely the wastage that jewelry packaging causes , 95% of time time i have seen that my customers throw-out the packaging either within the first week or first month of purchase. Aftera few months since i started my brand i noticed this issue and started looking for alternative environmentally friendly packaging solutions in india , but sadly i couldn't find anything that fulfilled this requirement

i have been wanted to create this product from a long time but couldn't find the means to do so , now i have the perfect outlet to test it and also have the means to find production with the advancement of technology, i feel like this maybe the perfect time to start as people are also growing environmentally aware

The type of feedback that will be most helpful for refining and improving my product idea is:

  • does it define luxury - just by thinking about the materials?
  • Do you want the travel size boxes with compartments or just a jewelry box which you usually get in the market ?
  • If you are buying someone jewelry as a gift ( something expensive ) do you think it speaks luxury when you open the box - you see the pair of earrings but its also a travel box ( with multiple compartments to keep the rest of your jewelry ) ?