Design Project 2 | MVP Definition

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Project 2 - MVP Definition

Our Reconnexus modules help hurricane struck communities recover by facilitating distribution of food, purification of water, and providing meaningful work in the weeks following the disaster.


  1. Information: Victims need to know when, where, and how much supplies to expect; communications hardware and user interface.
  2. Water distribution: Taps, storage and purification
  3. Food storage: Refrigeration (produce) and dry storage (grain)
  4. Energy: Grid-independent source of energy

“Maybe” minimum: 1. Restrooms

  1. Showers
  2. Community space to gather

Nice to have:

  1. Shaded areas for protection from the sun
  2. ample space for people to sit or gather on the ground
  3. boards for planning and discussions

Not selected MVP:

Our product is a food hub that aims to provide relief and support in the aftermath of the disaster, empowering local communities to become self-reliant in the long run.
Our {supply drop hub} is a robust tool that allows communities to stay connected to and supplied during severe hurricanes.