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Project 2 - Sharing

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Spec Sheet (draft)

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Sketchup design:


Sustainability Analysis

  • Upcycling: Reconnexus retrofits and repurposes shipping containers
  • Materials: Containers retain warmth from thermal mass yet stores solar energy in batteries rather than excess heat
  • Water catchment: Higher efficiency water supply from catchment and purification compared to transporting bottles long distances
  • Grid independence: Battery micro-grid enables structure to run loads even when power is out
  • Renewable energy: Uses solar photovoltaic cells for power with optional wind turbine attachments

Competitive Analysis

  • Information: Reconnexus portal interface fills information gaps that exist in the status quo, where lack of information can contribute to unrest, riots and hoarding
  • Community involvement: Reconnexus involves the community in assembling, operating, and maintaining the facility, improving involvement compared to current emergency response which relies on volunteers to serve victims
  • Reduce Packaging Waste: Reconnexus purifies water and delivers it at the tap, cutting out packaging waste from plastic bottles
  • Modular Construction: Compared to traditional construction which can take months to design and build, Reconnexus’ modular container approach is faster and more scalable
  • Better Taste and Nutrition: Compared to MRE rations, fresh food cooked in commercial kitchens will both taste better and provide better nutrition for the weeks of recovery

Essential Features

Reconnexus helps storm-impacted communities rebuild with a space providing shelter, connectivity, and resources shelter, connectivity, and resources

Detailed Feature List

User Needs Statement

Climate related hurricanes and typhoons devastate cities, leaving people deprived of food, water, power & information

POV Statement

Michael, a 29-yr old single father in a storm-ravaged city, needs information, water, and food to take care of his two daughters.