Design Project 2 | POV Statements

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Project 2 - POV Statements

Point of View Statements: Linda

  1. Linda, a 31 year old Red Cross employee and former veteran, needs a way to distribute water and food to hurricane victims in a sanitary manner, because food can be easily ruined if not stored and handled in the right manner.
  2. Linda needs a way to communicate with hurricane victims at a broad scale because they are unable to access information readily due to cellular data and power outages.
  3. Linda needs a way to secure food and water supplies, because some hurricane victims fear shortages and are stealing or hoarding more than their faire share.

Point of View Statements: Michael

  1. Michael, a 29 year old single father living in Florida, needs to find gluten free food, because his 4 year old daughter who has a severe wheat allergy
  2. Michael needs to find a way to prepare meals for his 4- and 6-year old children, because his kitchen will not operate without power which was knocked out in the storm.
  3. Michael needs a place to store his food because most of the food that he stored in the pantry got ruined when the waters rose and flooded his house.

Point of View Statements: Ava

  1. Ava, a 55 year old grocer from Atlantic City, NJ, needs something to occupy her time because the grocery store that she works at is closed due to damage during the hurricane.
  2. Ava needs to find a source of clean drinking water because, although her house still has running water, the storm damaged municipal water lines and there is a high risk that the water has been contaminated.

Point of View Statement 4 (Optional): Luis

Luis, a 40 year old man from Puerto Rico, is in a poor financial situation and ran out of food; he needs something to do to earn money because the garage he usually works at as a car mechanic is closed due to the whole island losing power.

Selected Point of View Statement

Michael, a 29-year-old single father living in Florida, is facing a challenging situation as he needs to find gluten-free food for his 4-year-old daughter. This need arises from her severe wheat allergy, which means he must ensure her meals are free from any gluten-containing ingredients. Additionally, the situation becomes even more difficult as his kitchen is currently non-operational due to a power outage caused by a recent storm. With no electricity, preparing meals has become a daunting task, especially considering that he also has a 6-year-old child to care for. Furthermore, the flooding caused by the storm has ruined most of the food Michael had stored in the pantry, making it even more crucial for him to find a suitable place to store the gluten-free food he manages to acquire. In the face of these challenges, Michael's top priority is the well-being of his children, and he is determined to do whatever it takes to ensure they have safe and nutritious meals during this difficult time.