Design Project 2 | Team Work Plan

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Project 2 - Team Work Plan


  • Thu 1pm - Dr. Ramirez office hours
    • @Sean Yepez to get sources to survey
  • Fri 3:30: Meet at office hours

Empathizing (Dr. Ramírez meeting: 25Tue & 27Thu) - Lead: @Sean Yepez

Survey, Interviews, or Observations
Composite Character Profiles

Defining (by 27Thu after meeting ~ 28Fri) - Lead: @Eugenie Lee

POV Statements
Minimum Viable Product Definitions

Ideating (by 28Fri) - Lead: @Mason

Divergent Thinking — How might we…?
Convergent Thinking — Feature selection…

Prototyping (by 29Sat night) - Lead: @Kevin Nicolas Haller

Structure design
Electrical model
Digital - user interface model
Logo ideas

Feature List(by 2Wed class)

Design Project 2 | Plan for Iterating #1
Design references

Refined Prototype, regarding figma and sketchup

Product Development(by 6Sun night) -

Kevin: Sketchup Shipping Container

Mason: Figma

Sean: Electircal Diagram Connectivity between models

Eugenie: Input on design styling