Design Project 1 | Preparing for Elevator Pitch

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Project 1 - Testing Session 2

Use this page to collect your initial thoughts about issues to be addressed in your Elevator Pitch. Plesae jot down a few ideas in each of the follow sections.


  • What are the considerations that will affect peoples’ decisions about whether to adopt and use your design idea.
  • Are there potential barriers that will slow down adoption, or that you’ll need to overcome.
  • What aspects of the existing situation will need to change?

  • the design needs to be gentle, not too harsh on punishment
  • How willing people are want to improve their driving, even if it means driving less aggressively

Pricing Model

  • What’s the pricing model for your idea?
  • Is there an upfront cost? Or a subscription cost?
  • Are there any rebates or other financial incentives that will help lower the cost and reward the behavior?

  • Upfront cost, subscription model makes no sense
  • Likely as compact and cheap as possible, doesn’t need too much circuitry

Sustainability Impact

  • How does your design idea improve sustainability?
  • How big is the problem now? What’s the baseline that you’ll compare your idea to?
  • What delta will this make? How can you quantify or measure the impact of your design idea? And how big a difference could your design idea make?

  • The design is supposed to encourage people to drive more safely and more sustainably
  • Given many people have to drive anyways, it’s best to at least improve those aspects
  • Ideally, even if the difference is not too big for one person, this product would be used by many people, compounding into a much bigger affect
  • Measurement can be done using the device

Competitive Advantage

  • What else is available to your users now? What options do they have?
  • Are there other products or services that promise similar results?
  • How do you compare to them?

  • Normal LED ambient lighting strips, they’re usually only a solid color
  • Not really, I would say the closest thing are the eco meters already built into cars, but these aren’t dynamic to the lighting

Use of Design Thinking / Human-Centeredness

  • How does this design idea address the essential need identified in your POV statement?
  • How did your design idea evolve based on the steps in the design thinking process? (Observing > Interviewing > Defining a POV > Ideating > Prototyping > Testing > Interating)

  • The use of ambient lighting would improve the mood of drivers while a display keeping track of costs would make more financially minded drivers drive more economically

What’s the Roadmap?

  • Is there an path of future development that could evolve from and extend your design idea?
  • How could your design idea grow?

  • In the future, this idea could be implemented directly into car systems, rather than as an add-on product