Compile List of Needs & Ideas

Journal Entry For
Class Session Notes


  • Places for people to relax
  • Recreational areas in urban or underserved areas
  • Multipurpose recreational areas
  • Private recreational areas
  • Energy Efficient/Energy Repurposing Recreational Areas
  • Places for older kids and adults to have fun without being judged

Brainstorm of Ideas

  • Recreational Gym space
    • Made out of recycled materials
      • Maybe donated car tires for rubber supply
    • Minimalistic approach
    • A couple of dumbbells, stationary cycle, bars
    • Treadmill with a soundproof room where you could have a meeting as well
    • Connect multiple bikes to a single screen for a communal feeling
  • Connect multiple recreational areas together
    • Gym + reading nooks
      • Specific time reservations on a customized roof access Playground for adults and older people
    • Swinging tables for coffee and food
    • Work/Quiet Place
    • Sound proof
    • Seats more than one person
  • Device Charging
    • Solar powered
    • Wireless
  • Trash and Recycling with a Game Element
    • Vote with your trash for various initiatives or events within the space
  • Rooftop garden
    • Nature
    • Educational
    • Walking path

Retrofit buildings

  • Put a green roof on top
  • Better for water and heat
  • More energy efficient
  • Utilising urban space efficiently