Design project 3 | Ideating: Enhancing Sustainability Features

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Enhancing Sustainability Features

  • Solar glass windows
  • Energy generating pavement on all sharing spaces
  • Convert food waste into biomass energy
  • Less water washing machine and dishwasher (use UV radiation to help sterilizing)
  • Insulated wall to help controlling the room temperature without using air conditioning and heater
  • Heat conversion glasses that can convert heat energy to electricity
  • Air circulation system that store cool air at night and use it in the afternoon
  • Use benefit from waste water flow by gravity to turn the water turbine which help generating electricity
  • Convert heat into electricity by absorbing heat from devices such as computer or refrigerator and turn it into electricity
  • Collect all movements from exercising equipment in the gym and convert them into electricity
  • Swimming pool or Spa that can sterilize itself by using UV radiation
  • Create elevator that can move down without using electricity, only use gravity and friction to control the elevator (move up still need electricity)