Design project 3 | Ideating: High-Tech Features

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High-Tech Features

• Smart window ◦ Solar panel installed in windows to generate energy to support in residence systems ◦ Adapts color changing system according to the time of the day from heat instead of blinds or curtains - Self cleaning for hard-to-reach corners on the outside • Optimized use of electricity ◦ Heating, EV charging ◦ UV scanner takes in body heat as input to convert to heat • Voice assistance system ◦ Turn on and off the air conditioning, curtains ◦ Adjust humidity of rooms ◦ Turns on vacuum to clean the house; turns on washing machine and dryer to do your laundry • Convertible table ◦ The same table can be used for different occasions, just press the button to change it accordingly for working, dining, or leisure use. This allows users to execute different activities at the convenience of the same space • Control home system from away ◦ Open door for authorized users from offline ◦ Prepare bathtub to desired temperature and water length before arriving home to get ahead of time • Automated inspection ◦ Constantly checks for possible issues with the apartment: leaks, malfunctions, etc. and notifies management team for immediate fix