[Pawan] Interview #4

Who Did You Interview?

  • Relationship

Demographics That Might Provide Helpful Context for Their Responses

  • Has experience with multiple libraries and appreciates certain features that enhance productivity, such as a quiet and comfortable environment.
  • Visit libraries most frequently before exam periods, staying for several hours and taking breaks based on their study topic and motivation level.
  • Believes that libraries generally do not promote taking breaks and suggests creating a space for socializing and group work within the library to encourage breaks and interaction.

Key Findings from the Interview

  1. values libraries with a comfortable and visually appealing environment, which enhances productivity and motivation to study.
  2. Visit libraries most frequently before exam periods, spending several hours studying with breaks depending on their study topic and motivation level.
  3. Faces challenges with getting sleepy during long study sessions in the library, but takes breaks to address this issue.
  4. During breaks, they either take a 2-hour break to rest or use their phone for entertainment and motivation before returning to study mode.
  5. The concept of promoting breaks and sustainable behavior in libraries is not commonly found in existing libraries, which typically prioritize quiet study areas.
  6. Suggests creating a separate space within the library for socializing, group work, and activities like playing football or ping pong to promote breaks and interaction.

Overall, intervieee emphasizes the importance of a comfortable and visually appealing environment in libraries for productivity and motivation. They propose incorporating spaces for socializing and group activities to encourage students to take breaks and interact with others, as traditional libraries often lack features to promote breaks and sustainable behavior.