Feedback from Professors (Convergent & Divergent Thinking) - Earth 2.0

Journal Entry For
Project 3 - Testing Session 1

General Feedback: Get creative and explore more aspects rather than just a simple idea. Have a strong vision that other people can rally around. Stretch your imagination.

Floating places

  • Hexagons can go above or below the water based on the need
  • Building cities on water?

Could possibly narrow down the target user/audience

  • Doesn’t have to be people
  • Can target older age people too

A place where one wants to see their favourite view ( sunset, mountain, hills, beach)

Disaster prone place

focus more on human centred design thinking

for elderly people/disabled people

Think about the actual material that the building can be made out of (solar, how can it be prone to problems, modular, separate the hexagons?)

Reality distortion

Make people see far as in FAAAAAAR so that they actually follow your vision and idea

kinetic energy absorbed shields

Truly settle on a solid MVP

How customizable do we want it to be? People are often confused about their own needs

Truly figure out what material we build the houses out of