Design Project 2 | POV Statements

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Project 2 - POV Statements

Group POVs


The ideal student at Stanford would like to use buses more often, because they want a more efficient way to get around the campus.


The ideal tourist at Stanford would like to find the buses on campus, because they want a more compelling touring experience around Stanford

Individual POV for reference


POV 1 : a young couple from Sudan, are visiting Stanford to see their friends who are studying on campus. They initially rented a car for transportation, but due to limited available parking, they switched to walking as a more practical option. While they haven't used the buses yet because they didn’t know about enough about it, they see them as a potentially convenient option for exploring the campus during their stay.

POV 2: A family from Texas, has come to Stanford for a college tour with their son. They found the free campus shuttles to be helpful in navigating the vast campus. The availability of busses and the prices have made their visit smooth and manageable, allowing them to explore different areas of the campus with relative ease. While the shuttle service has served its purpose and facilitated their tour, the family didn't find it exceptionally remarkable or extraordinary. It was a standard mode of transportation that met their needs but didn't leave a lasting impression or met theirs’s pleasures or comfort. Nonetheless, they appreciate the convenience it provided during their college tour, allowing them to focus more on exploring the university and its facilities.

POV 3 : a traveler from Germany, always wanted to visit Stanford due to its academic prestige and captivating campus. Opting to rent a bicycle near the campus entrance, he found it to be a nice way to explore the surroundings at his own leisurely pace. Although he noticed the availability of buses, he prefers biking as it offers him the freedom to stop and admire the campus scenery whenever he wishes. However, he appreciates that buses are a great option for those who may need to cover longer distances.

POV 4 : a visitor from Morocco, is on a short vacation and he want to explore Stanford campus. To get around the campus efficiently, he has been using a rented electric scooter, which he finds fun and convenient. The availability of electric scooters on campus has made exploring Stanford quite enjoyable and convenient for him. However, he expressed his dissatisfaction with the bus stops at Stanford. He found them to be not as visible as expected, with no clear indicators or maps showing their locations. The lack of shade and seating at the stops made waiting for the bus uncomfortable, especially under the scorching sun. As a tourist unfamiliar with the campus layout, Mahmoud found it challenging to find the right bus stops for easy navigation. Additionally, the absence of real-time bus information added to his frustration. He believes that improved signage, amenities, and It would have been helpful to have a digital display or an app to track , clarify and answer etc would enhance the visitor experience and make the buses more user-friendly for tourists like him.


1 - Traveling Tessa

Tessa needs more parking areas for cars on campus, because she thinks parking her car near the oval restricts how much she can walk around the large campus, as she would need to get back to her car.

2 - Insider Ian

Ian needs a way to find the buses on campus, because he thinks it would be much more efficient to travel around on a bus compared to walking.

3 - Curious Carmen

Carmen needs a way to find buses on campus, because she thinks the touring experience would be more compelling if she could travel to all the different places on campus.

  • Alex needs to see around the Stanford campus efficiently because he has many places he want to see and is eager to travel without losing much time. He strongly believes the most wasteful time during trip is going to destinations and, therefore, want to get there as fast as possible.
  • Paul needs to go and slowly look around the Stanford campus because he wants to recall his memory at university during the visit. Without using much energy (as he is old), he wants to visit many places he used to go while students .
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