Interview # 02 - Inas Al Khatib

Interview Suggested Questions
  1. What are some daily challenges and difficulties refugees face every day?
    1. Loss of dignity and self-respect goes away. Especially the ones who are highly educated.
    2. Lack of adequate shelter
    3. Lack of medical care,
      1. Especially for women —> Hygiene kits are lacking
      2. Doctors who visit the site are not very empathetic
      3. No emergency care
      4. No pediatrics care
      5. No satellite clinic
      6. no Vaccination
      7. no immunization for newly born babies
      8. mobile health care providers —> One hour away, people usually die on their way to the provider
      9. High maternal and infant mortality rates (deformities, malnutrition, permanent defect (internally)n causing early death; before the age of 1)
    4. No access to clean water
    5. No access to reliable electricity
    6. No reliable infrastructure
    7. Lack of education
  2. Could you describe the daily life of a Refugee?
    1. A communal kitchen is available for the community to cook their meal at
    2. Community center for the kids —> Activities are hosted
    3. recreational centers —> empowerment programs for women
    4. Vocational Centres —> where men/women work and produce and handcrafts that are sold for profit
    5. Remote working for youngsters who are pretty well at coding
    6. Certain men leave the camp and participate in construction work (on permits), get paid, and return.
  3. What is your NGO trying to do and how?
    1. Open the Bring Hope Foundation and get the details
  4. What is the average background of refugees that arrive at [CAMP/DOMAIN of the NGO]? How long do people stay?
    1. They come from various backgrounds.
  5. What infrastructure issues do refugees and refugee camps face? How would you place this issue in terms of priority?
    1. food
    2. shelter
    3. medical care
    4. rehabilitation
  6. How do you feel about self-reliant homes that are easily moved and produce energy in the context of refugee camps?
    1. Quite positive
      1. https://www.thenationalnews.com/uae/2023/07/22/dubai-modular-construction-company-provides-building-block-solutions-to-population-growth/
  7. What challenges would we face if trying to deploy this concept? Have there been other similar ideas presented to you?
    1. Financing/Funding the project
    2. Permits
    3. Transportation logistics
  8. What features would be beneficial?
    1. For it to be mobile
    2. Solar energy generators
    3. batteries to store energy
    4. water storage units
    5. water filtration
    6. Drainage
  9. The essential of a camp
  10. 1- Communal Kitchen

    2- Communal Bathroom

    3- Vocational (extra)

    4- Computer lab (CORE of the camp) —> (extra)

    5- Community Centre

    6- Satellite Clinic

    7- Staging area - to be given within 24hrs

    3- Fire Proof Tents & Thermal Blankets

Optional: Expansion and follow-up on questions to be decided based on conversation.

Out of context: As an NGO that needs to collect donations and funding, what tips could you give us regarding where and how we could also get funded?