Interview Suggested Questions

  1. What are some daily challenges and difficulties refugees face every day? Could you describe the daily life of a Syrian Refugee in the South of Turkey?
  2. What is your NGO trying to do and how?
  3. What is the average background of refugees that arrive at [CAMP/DOMAIN of the NGO]? How long do people stay?
  4. What infrastructure issues do refugees and refugee camps face? How would you place this issue in terms of priority?
  5. How do you feel about self-reliant homes that are easily moved and produce energy in the context of refugee camps?
  6. What challenges would we face if trying to deploy this concept? Have there been other similar ideas presented to you?

Optional: What features would be beneficial?

Optional: Expansion and follow-up on questions to be decided based on conversation.

Out of context: As an NGO that needs to collect donations and funding, what tips could you give us regarding where and how we could also get funded?