Meeting Notes Sunday 30 July (Convergence)

-Have to consider POV’s. Which one have more of a feasible and direct impact? Education systems already exist, and could be a part of the center. Refugees most commonly lack resources and proper housing.

-POV 2 and 3 can be grouped together, education and job opportunity are very closely linked in the case of Syrian Refugees.

-POV 4 (NGO one) is substantial and useful but relates to POV 1 in the sense that POV 1 is more relevant and important to the issue we’re solving, POV 4 provides some description on the NGO side of things.

-The human-centered thinking needs to be for the POV 1 refugee, Ali.

With Colin

-The timeline- Who gets to use it?

-Insulation as the third MVP

After Colin’s Meeting…

What was once ambiguous and fuzzy, has everything tying in perfectly-

Convergence Elaboration/Alterations → Finalizing on the Design Concept