Composite Character Profiles

July 25, 2023
AlessandroJessicaMaanya GovilAdeesh A Rathod
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Composite Character Profiles

Family Fred

  • Stable career and steady income flow
  • Spend more on household goods
  • Experience with community gardens
  • Would want vegetables and composting
  • Care about sustainability more than Gen-Z
  • Wants to educate children about sustainability
    • Wants: Youth programs for kids - workshops, educational tools
  • Fertile, rich soil
  • Support local businesses

Gen Z Ginny

  • Aware of sustainability, execute some sustainable actions
  • No previous experiences with gardens
  • Not interest towards sustainable recreative activities
  • Care about aesthetics, would want more flowers and pretty areas to possibly take pictures in
  • Motivated by social aspect - bonding experience

Low socio-economic neighbourhood Lewis

  • Shared supplies
  • Want benefits from the garden
  • Simply want to participate in the garden to cut down costs from grocery shopping
  • No regard for sustainability, believes being eco-friendly is a privilege they cannot afford
  • Lives in an area where most people cannot afford to eat healthy - fast food is cheaper than buying groceries
  • Would want essential fruits and vegetables - onions, garlic, lettuce, tomato, carrots, berries, cabbage

Gardener Gordon

  • Wide variety of vegetables and flowers
  • Cares about sustainability a lot
  • Gardening is not just a hobby, it’s a job
  • Wants compost, irrigation, the whole shabam
  • Concerned about soil degradation, water runoffs, droughts, etc.