Maanya Govil

  • Your educational background
    • I am a rising senior at Flower Mound High School in Dallas, Texas. I’ve taken smaller courses or camps at University of Texas at Dallas, but this is my first experience with college style courses, so I am very excited!
  • Any industry experience
    • I work as a private tutor in math and science, but I do not have any industry experience in sustainability specifically.
  • Why you're interested in this course
    • In the rush of development in the last few decades, we’ve focused excessively on meeting the demands of the present without concern for the future, and this rash behavior has finally caught up with us in the form of the climate crisis and lack of resources. Therefore, I believe it’s really important to rework our society to focus on more sustainable practices to ensure the same standard of life or even better for future generations.
  • Your goals for the course
    • I hope to learn more about the overall design process as this will be my first design-based class. I’m also excited to be able to use creativity to explore new possibilities beyond our current boundaries.

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