Satyan: Composite Characters (2)

Composite 1 - Samantha and Lakshya

  • Female and male respectively, early to mid-30’s, no car and ICE car, respectively
  • Average interest in cars, transportation, primarily utility driven
  • Value health and well-being more than most - both stay healthy in all aspects of life
  • Cherish and hold sacred the ability to exercise and stay healthy while in transit
  • Will drift to be early adopters of EVHub for gym, snack bar, and yoga room functionality

Composite 2 - Jessica

  • Female, mid-30’s, non-EV user
  • High interest in cars and transportation, enjoys driving and journeys
  • Is opposed by community driven well-being solutions due to privacy/ safety concerns
  • Wants to get from A to B quickest, even if less comfortable
  • Will adopt EVHub is barrier to usage is negligible and home-like privacy is maintained