Interview - Jessica

34 yr old, female, single

I asked Jessica whether she owns a car, an EV, what she thought about charging wait times, how she utilizes her time on road-trips, and what would make her journey more relaxed, memorable, and useful? Knowing Jessica, I also kept my questions as less about EVs as possible as I know Jessica is not an EV believer. Yet.

Jessica’s primary response focused on two areas - one, that she preferred getting to her destination as soon as possible and wouldn’t at the onset be an EV or EVHub user given long charge times. Two, she felt that privacy would be compromised in a community based well-being hub.

Jessica clarified that though she’s a Yoga instructor and a health freak, for her to use the EVHub, it’ll have be private, safe, secure and as easy as walking into her living room without more app or password tracking or any of the paraphanelia’s we’re surrounded by.