Interview - Karen Hazeltine

Basic info:

Early 50s, Mom, Working

For a long distance trip and you had to stop for 15 minutes, what would you want to do in that time?

Pee, walk around, hydrate, stretch (maybe some yoga).

When you travel do you typically travel alone, with friends, or with family?

Typically with family. Though also since she is a mom she is traveling for stuff like groceries and work.

If you had access to a quick stretch/workout space, for no extra cost for you, would you use it? Why?

Absolutley not. Her goal is to get to where she needs to be asap.

Do you own an EV car?

Yes, just bought one 4 days ago. VW

If yes, tell me about your EV charging experience?

Uses trickle charging because she doesn’t need much charge because she is not driving a lot.

If yes, what are your thoughts on the cost of charging?

She believes that she is ignorant to it, but that there are no free public chargers for her car type located near her. But that she believes that her car will still end up being cheaper than gas car.