Interview - Pat


29 years old


Lives in New York

Used to drive in Thailand but not driving in the US

For a long distance trip and you had to stop for 15 minutes, what would you want to do in that time?

For long drive, she prefers to have a nap if need to stop

Do some walking outside of the car

Find something to eat/drink

Besides food?

When you travel do you typically travel alone, with friends, or with family?

Mostly travel with friends and boyfriend

If you had access to a quick stretch/workout space, for no extra cost for you, would you use it? Why?

Not interesting about yoga because she never do it before

Some stretching might be nice but not an exercise

Do you own an EV car?

Don’t have EV car

If yes, tell me about your EV charging experience?

If yes, what are your thoughts on the cost of charging?

If not, what are some barriers stopping you from getting an EV car?

Might get it in the future because electricity will be saver compare to fuel

If driving in Thailand, still prefer gas car because the lack of charging station

If driving in the US, she might consider buying it.

If not, would you consider getting an EV car in the future?

Some barriers to parking spots if driving in big cities

Not sure about the maintenance cost for electric vehicles