Interview - Yim


61 years old


Live in Thailand

Drives everyday to work

Drive hybrid and plugin hybrid car

For a long distance trip and you had to stop for 15 minutes, what would you want to do in that time?

If have to stop the car, he will go to the restroom and find some snacks

Not having any interest to do other things

He thinks he will check his phone when stopping the car

When you travel do you typically travel alone, with friends, or with family?


If you had access to a quick stretch/workout space, for no extra cost for you, would you use it? Why?

Don’t think that there is enough time to do things like exercising or yoga or massage

Just wanna finish charging quickly and continue to the destination asap

Do you own an EV car?

Have plan to buy 100% EV car in the future

If yes, tell me about your EV charging experience?

If yes, what are your thoughts on the cost of charging?

If not, what are some barriers stopping you from getting an EV car?

In Bangkok (capital), still have some places that have charging station

But when traveling to other smaller cities, it quite hard to find one

Concern about flooding problem in Bangkok

If not, would you consider getting an EV car in the future?