Design Project 2 | POV and Problem

Journal Entry For
Project 2 - POV Statements


Considering your busy life you are hesitant to take breaks during long journeys, especially when taking a break is time consuming with low output. If you have to stop, then you want to stop at a place that feels safe and makes driving your EV car (or non-EV) a more attractive option. You prioritize your health and environment simultaneously (hence driving an EV vehicle), and find that a good stretch, some light exercise, healthy snacking and a rejuvenating hydration break is a good option to make the most of charging wait times whilst maintaining health.

Problem Statement:

Over 70% of car owners, in the US, are hesitant to adopt EVs due to range anxiety and charging wait times. ICE car refuel times vs EVs compare as 5 mins to 50 mins, often. And even in 2023, EVs only make up 2% of the global vehicle fleet.

Consequently, many people are hesitant to adopt the electric vehicle lifestyle due to uncomfortable and time-wasting charging needs that can run anywhere from 30 mins to over 2 hours. During these wait periods, boredom ensues with users feeling like they’re not where they started, nor where they needed to be, and lose out on productivity and utility. We need a way to make people feel comfortable, relaxed and productive when on a longer EV drive in order to grow the EV consumer population and hasten EV adoption.