Sam Iller

Educational Background

I am going into my senior year of high school at Nantucket High School in Massachusetts. I have been in the same school system since kindergarten and have enjoyed taking challenging classes in high school, most of which have been STEM oriented. While I’m not in school I like playing soccer and tennis.

Industry Experience

I don’t have any industry experience. I do have a job at my local marina that I enjoy very much working as a fuel dock attendant.

Interest in the Course

I am interested in this course for many reasons. First, I looked at the syllabus and what this course pertained to which intrigued my to taking this class. I also think that suitability is an important aspect to our future as climate change gets worse. Finally, I like hands on learning and projects that I can collaborate with my classmates about.

Goals for the Course

I want to explore my ideas while hearing other people ideas about sustainability. I would also like to learn more of the process and the steps it takes to complete a design project. I also want to connect with new people to see different perspectives.