Design Project 2 | Preliminary features brainstorm

Journal Entry For
Project 2 - Mini Proposal

hi here is an idea I come up with after viewing the interview result.

3 key problem:

  • cleanliness
  • crowdedness
  • temperature

Solution/Product: To solve the issues of cleanliness and crowdedness, I propose to build a Stanford food experience community by setting up an app.

Feature 1: Online ordering & pay to solve crowdedness

  • Every customer at Tresidder can order and pay for their food online by scanning the QR code on their table. Every table will have one or more QR codes, depending on the number of seats at that table. By ordering directly online, we could solve the problem of crowds waiting in line, and the awkward situation where you've got the food, but there are no seats available.
  • To improve the online ordering experience, Stanford should continue enhancing the Wi-Fi connection at Tresidder Union. This could also benefit people who like to work while eating.

Feature 2: Rating system to solve cleanliness issues Even though we expect everyone to clean up after themselves, cleanliness remains an issue at Tresidder Union. Therefore, I propose adding another feature to this app. Inspired by Uber's rating system, we could easily solve the cleanliness problem by allowing users to rate the previous occupant of the table. The next person who uses the table will then rate you as well.

Feature 3: Social media closer network at Stanford by common taste

  • Remember the times when there's great food, and your friend sends you a picture of it, urging you to come to the dining hall? Why don't we create a space where students can post and share their dining experiences? This would not only help people to better locate their optimal food choice of the day, but also enhance the rating system that I proposed previously. With social pressure, people will feel compelled to clean up after themselves to avoid receiving a low rating.
  • we could also use add AI arithmetic to analyze the ingredient the food

Additionally, in my opinion, Instead of trying to figure out how to upgrade the dinning hall, Stanford should encourage more catering companies to set up store at Stanford. We should let the idea of an “invisible hand” from market economics make choices and improve the dining quality at Stanford.

Others suggestion for tresidder

  • For the basement: During the day will be a coffee place for creating a more private space for a coffee chat, and at night will turn into a bar.
  • For the second floor: make the second floor into quiet study space, and meeting rooms.


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