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Project 1 - Composite Characters

Composite Character Profiles


  • In her 50s
  • Wants nice clothes but doesn’t care much about the latest trends
  • Can afford to spend more money on clothes
  • Has the time to consider alternative options for clothing
  • aware of sustainability but doesn’t consider it as a top priority
  • needs a very simple process for buying second hand clothes
  • might go thrifting


  • Young adult - late 20s to mid 30s
  • Do care about latest fashion trends
  • Works a corporate job
  • Aware of sustainability but Won’t go out of their way for it
  • Really wants nice clothes with a good fit in the less amount of time


  • A teenager in high school
  • Really cares about sustainability
  • Will go out of their way to do the sustainable thing
  • Do care about latest fashion trends
  • Wants to save the most amount of money on clothes


  • In her 70s
  • doesn’t care about fashion trends
  • really cares for comfort
  • Fully Depends on her children to buy clothes for her
  • Isn’t aware of sustainable behaviors