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Project 1 - Interviews

Interview Findings for My Focus Area

For my interviews, I decided to interview people from the Middle East region as the idea of composting is not widely used in that region. To get a wider range of audience, I decided to interview people from at least three Middle Eastern countries.

Below are the six questions I used for the interview process. The questions mainly focused on whether or not the interviewees have participated in some form of composting before, and if it was easy/ convenient.

1. Can you share your experience with managing organic waste at home?

1.a. Do you deal with it a lot at home?

1.b. What challenges have you faced from it?

2. Tell me about the last time you used a product (or service) to reduce the impact of organic waste in your home.

3. Can you describe how important sustainability and the use of eco-friendly methods in agriculture is to you, and why? 4. What are your hopes and expectations for a product such as a compact composting system in terms of reducing the use of harsh fertilizers?

5. Have you ever used a composting system before?

5.a. If yes, what were the positive and negative aspects of your experience? If not, what barriers or concerns might have kept you from trying?

6. Are there any fears or concerns you might have regarding the use of composting systems or similar products in terms of efficiency, cleanliness, or other factors?

6.a Can you elaborate on these concerns?

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