Design Project 1 | Prototype Work In Progress

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Project 1 - Prototyping Plan


  • An indoor composting solution for users.


  • GreenBox will run on a thin high pressure stream of water to push around the waste the user puts in and sorts it in the respective section.
    • This would be done by sensors on the inside lid section that will use AI and other features to sense if the waste is organic/ compostable/ or just landfill.
  • GreenBox has a screen on the front that tells the user how many KG/ LBS they composted and how much water was used.
    • GreenBox makes use of the water used to sort the items as water is required anyway for the composting process.
  • The product will also connect to the users phone to deliver important information such as whether the compartments are full.
    • The app will also measure how many KGs/ LBS the user composted and generates discount rewards for them at participating retail brands.
  • One of the most important points for users was the anti-smell capabilities. To combat this, GreenBox’s lid is airtight which allows a perfect seal and an odorless experience. Furthermore, the sorting platform is also airtight, further sealing the users from unnecessary smells.

Sketches of GreenBox from different angles are below: